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The “Faith in Films Forum” is described as “a place where Christian films are discussed and reviewed in a Christian perspective.” Still new to the Yahoo Groups site, Faith in Films invites all new members who wish to join and chat about past, present, and future Christian films.

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One Response to ““Faith in Films Forum” offers group for Christian film fans”

  1. d.m. Says:

    Consider what the film The God who was not there which claims Jesus did not exist and what the film could have put in.
    The film said Satan was put in after Jesus was dead so this has me wondering if the view of people purported to turn away from God confused dogma with belief and also if democratization of religion and priests and equivalents selected from all Christianity, Judaism, and Islam might have been the way to go. Also as way to promote tolerance and which seems to fit Jehovah’s Witnesses ideas and the idea of ballot boxes including Wiccans and collecting their votes with others for electionscan be help today for tolerance. Hope ideas not miscontrued. Better approach seems to me than one in American Christmas Carol I did not like that film either.