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Wales’ book ‘Sea of Glory’

ASSIST News Service reports that “veteran Christian filmmaker Ken Wales, the executive producer of the award-winning CBS-TV series CHRISTY, has announced that he is now working on four new groundbreaking films.

In an interview before the Christian Film & Television Commission’s 10th Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala March 20 at the Skirball Cultural Center in Bel Air, California, he revealed, ‘I am going to be doing a feature film on the life story of William Wilberforce, the great reformer, and then the story of John Newton, who wrote AMAZING GRACE, the sequel to CHARIOTS OF FIRE, plus the book I co-authored, SEA OF GLORY, so we have four films that are going to keep me very busy but it is a wonderful thing to be dedicated to bring these great stories to the screen and we see God’s presence in every bit of it.’

Speaking of SEA OF GLORY, Wales said, ‘…It is the story of four chaplains —a priest, a rabbi and two protestant ministers—aboard the U.S.A.T. Dorchester during World War II, who give up their life jackets for the last four men of the ship so that these sailors might survive the sinking vessel, which was struck by a German torpedo. They pray together and then sadly go down with the ship, and the story is seen through the eyes of one of the men that gets one of those life jackets, Sgt. Wesley Adams, who is really the jerk that should have gone down with the ship. We are now selecting the screenwriter.’”