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Scene from ‘Hometown Legends’“Hometown Legend” (Jenkins Entertainment) is the story of a dying Alabama town and its obsession with its local high school football team.

The film plans to have its theatrical release in January of 2002, mainly to Southern audiences. The cast includes Terry O’ Quinn (“The Cutting Edge,” “The Stepfather”), Lacy Chabert (“Party of Five,” Kirk Woller (“Mercury Rising”, “X-Files”), Ian Bohen (“Young Hercules”), and new-comer Nick Cornish.

During a Time Warner presentation at a book convention in Louisville, over 200 bookstore owners witnessed a five minute sneak preview of the film. The response was overwhelming, as the room burst into applause after the preview, and several commented on how amazing the film looked, especially considering its budget. It also received an enthusiastic response at the Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis.