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Box art for ‘The Crossing’

From Australia comes a 14-minute evangelistic film ideal for churches and youth groups. The story focuses on a young man who accidentally finds himself in a small church where he hears a dramatic story which changes his entire life forever.

Producer Dave Forsyth wrote about this project: “It may sound like a big vision, but I believe that every television and cinema screen is my mission field. “The Crossing” is the first instalment in the realisation of that vision. It is based on a story that was sent to me nearly two years ago via PBN radio’s “The Story of Encouragement.” It really affected me so I adapted it a little, added some back story, wrote a more open ended ending and produced a short film which packs a very strong message of God’s love for us. I am very excited about where God is going to take me as this vision is realised.

I believe that through the media of film and television, the Gospel of Christ can be presented to the unsaved in a form that is relevant and
meaningful to them without compromising the truth. Yes it is a big
mission field and one of the most finance-hungry businesses I could have been called to but I know well that when God calls you to go, you just go. Let Him worry about where the stories will come from, where the finance will come from, how the distribution is going to happen. I am just a vehicle and I know that if I just heed the call, God will provide the direction. Yes it is going to be very hard work, but it will also be a blast!”

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