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Charlie Church Mouse Bible Adventures! Preschool

“What happens when you combine everlasting stories, rich learning environments, and the next generation of technology?” asks Bud Gillan, former IBM K-12 curriculum specialist. “Well see for yourself. It is called Charlie Church Mouse Bible Adventures! Preschool.”

LifeLine Studios is proud to announce that “Charlie Church Mouse Bible Adventures! Preschool,” the first in a line of quality Christian children’s software products, will begin shipping to stores October 15, 2001. This interactive adventure for the PC gives children an opportunity to learn, explore and have fun with the help of a lovable friend, Charlie Church Mouse.

“Christian parents buy software for their children,” states Anthony Fouts, Jr., President of LifeLine Studios. “However, the few titles available in Christian retailing stores are usually limited to budget software. This product fills a gap for the Christian consumer by providing a software title for children that both matches and exceeds the quality of its secular counterparts.” Seeing the need for quality software and media products in the Christian marketplace, Anthony W. Fouts, Jr. and Jeffrey W. Dotson founded LifeLine Studios, Inc. on July 13, 2000. LifeLine Studios is committed to producing quality media with positive values. This includes software, television, and video products. Current projects include “Professor Possible: The Safety Zone,” the first in a series of live action videos for children hosted by Professor Possible and Charlie Church Mouse, and “Charlie Church Mouse Bible Adventures! Early Elementary,” a companion product to “Charlie Church Bible Adventures! Preschool.”

For more information contact Brenda Huff of Wisdom Tree, a representative of LifeLine Studios’ products, at 800-772-4253. Or visit Available Oct. 15th. SRP $19.95.

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