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Namesake Entertainment is committed to family features, and they have just announced two films that are now in production based on Christian author Frank Peretti’s novels.

Partial cover art for book version of ‘The Visitation’ “The Visitation”
The sleepy, eastern Washington town of Antioch has suddenly become a gateway for the supernatural—from sightings of angels and messianic images to a weeping crucifix. Then a self-proclaimed prophet mysteriously appears with an astounding message.

The national media and the curious flock to the little town—a great boon for local business but not for Travis Jordan. The burned-out former pastor has been trying to hide his past in Antioch. Now the whole world is headed to his backyard to find the Messiah, and in the process, every spiritual assumption he has ever held will be challenged. The startling secret behind this visitation ultimately pushes one man into a supernatural confrontation that will forever alter the lives of everyone involved.

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Partial art for ‘Hangmans Curse’

“Hangman’s Curse”

In Baker, Washington, three popular student athletes lie in incoherent comas, with loss of muscle coordination, severe paranoia, and hallucinations. It’s whispered that they’re victims of Abel Frye, a ghost that’s haunted the school since a student hanged himself there in the 1930’s. Now the hangman’s curse is spreading, and the students are running scared.

The Veritas Project team (teenage twins Elijah and Elisha, along with their parents who were commissioned by the President) are headed to Washington looking for answers to recent appearances of a ghostly figure with a glowing hawk perched on his shoulder. Is this Abel Frye’s ghost, a dark angel… or something else? And who is responsible for the bizarre hangman symbol that suddenly appears scrawled on the victims’ lockers?