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Art for ‘Pontius Pilate’

PONTIUS PILATE, the startling yet untold story of the ambitious and successful Roman politician whose fateful verdict forever changes the course of history—but whose conscience can never rest with the consequences.

Paul L. Maier brings to life the Roman governor of Judea as he rises from the political intrigues of imperial Rome and survives the treacherous plotting of Herod Antipas. Behind him stands Procula, a wife who fires his ambition for political advancement, while before him stands a bewildering clash of Jewish leaders, national extremists, and religious zealots.

“Pontius Pilate” will be a two-part miniseries that will attempt to put in political perspective the career of the man whose place in history was determined by his role in presiding over the trial and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. “It’s not that Pontius Pilate got a bad rap,” said Ellis, “but he was caught in the middle. This tale will be told from a Roman point of view, a historical and political perspective as opposed to the theological one we’ve seen in so many other movies.”