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“You’ve been to a haunted house, but you’ve never been to Hell.”

These are the words that greet you as you enter through the doors of no return at the newest and latest Extreme Reality Dramatic Production of “Final Exit.” This isn’t just any ordinary haunted house show. Different from any other live production, this traveling “House of Horrors” includes over 12 rooms where scenes of extreme reality are played out by actors with special effects, lighting, and sound. Topics dealing with suicide, drugs, alcohol, and abortion are graphically depicted and presented in shocking details that leave grown adults crying, screaming, and repenting.

Final ExitJohn Neel, director of “Final Exit,” has been a youth pastor for 14 years in Louisiana, and was inspired by Gary Turner’s rendition of Hell House. In 1980, John presented his first production and attracted thousands of Halloween revelers and has built upon it since then. John describes “Final Exit” as a hard-hitting, graphic and high-impact kind of ministry.

“This is sharing the Gospel in a real, revenant way for the MTV crowd. We want people to see that if you make the wrong choices, this is what can happen.”

In the last 4 cities, over 4,000 people gave their life to the Lord, 20 abortions have been canceled and over 15 suicides have been prevented.

“I’ve seen teens throwing condoms from their pockets and purses during the AIDS scene. I’ve had people give me their drugs and many people have left unopened six-packs of beer on the parking lot.”

Visitors have wiped their eyes and gawked in surprise during some scenes, while others have fallen to their knees and repented before they could finish the tour. People have stood in line for up to 10 hours to experience this production.

For information on having “Final Exit” in your city, visit

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7 Responses to ““Final Exit” live and ready to travel”

  1. naomi Says:

    I attended the final exit extreme realty house about 10 years ago when it was in houma, la. I was wondering if it was ever going to come back to town. I really enjoyed it and would like for my family who didnt see it to get the chance to experience it. thanks

  2. Keely Says:

    Are you all still doing the plays? If so, where can I find a tour schedule?

  3. Melanie Hutcheson Says:

    I would like to know when final exit is going to come to dublin or macon area again. We live in Soperton, GA and went to this production about 10 years ago in Dublin, GA and absolutely loved it.

  4. Brandy Says:

    Can someone please tell me where in Louisiana I can experience Final Exit? I’ve been to the website, but I can’t find ANY information.

  5. Mary Hall Says:

    I would like to if you’re going to be. In the Houston area any time soon. I saw Final Exit fifteen years ago I have family members who needs to see your production

  6. Jason Jackson Says:

    My wife and I attended a couple of the plays and would love to see it again and would love for our teenager to experience it. Please bring it back to Lafayette LA this Halloween season. Please please and thank you.

  7. Marisol Pitts Says:

    Are you still doing the final exit project?
    We want to bring it to our City. We are in Laredo, Texas.