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“Jackpot”—new film

May 4th, 2001

Art for ‘Jackpot’

“Jackpot” (Cornerstone Studios) is a lighthearted drama about a family on the verge of bankruptcy and a girl in the midst of change. An 18 million dollar lie drastically alters the course of the Grayson household in this heart-warming story about right choices and second chances.

When Jenny Grayson’s father loses his biggest client sending the family business into bankruptcy, Jenny passes herself off as 18 to buy a lottery ticket. Though they hit the jackpot, things go from bad to worse as Jenny’s family has to lie about buying the ticket to claim the prize. Angry boyfriends, a fractured home life and blackmail all stem from one bad decision after another. In the end Jenny faces the toughest choice of her life, but is she too late?

Release date unknown.

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One Response to ““Jackpot”—new film”

  1. Cloey Tucek Says:

    My Uncle Stan Bissmeyer helped in the making of this movie. I believe I was even an “extra” in a couple different scenes. I wanted to know if anyone out there knew where or how to get this movie? I never got to watch it! Thank you!