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Box art for ‘Revelation’

The director of the most popular rapture film series ever released, (“Apocalypse,” “Revelation,” “Tribulation,” & “Judgment”) takes some time out of his busy schedule to take questions and speak with the fans of this incredible series. Here are some of the highlights from the interview.

Q: Will there be another installment to the “Apocalypse” series?

“There will probably be another movie in the “Apocalypse” series. With every movie that we make in this series, it becomes more difficult to make it a ‘stand-alone’ project. Obviously trying to continue with specific stories or character arcs becomes increasingly difficult without being able to tell all the previous tales. However, we do have ideas and scripts in the works and do hope to have another.”

Q: You have worked with some big name stars; are they all Christian?

“We’ve had great opportunities to work with some very-talented and famous actors while working on these pictures. Some are Christian while others are not. Those who were Christians LOVED working with us and were thrilled to be working on a project that they believed in. Gary Busey, Kirk Cameron, Chelsea Noble, Clarence Gilyard, Mr. T., are all Christians and supported every aspect of the projects that they were involved in. The other actors also “loved” working with Cloud Ten. After years of working on secular projects they ALL commented on what a difference it was to work with us. They all said that the stories were “great” despite what you believe and that they’re all very proud to be a part of them.

Q: Leigh Lewis does an incredible job as Helen Hannah. What about her?

“Leigh Lewis believes in the importance of the movies and in the positive messages that they support. She believes in a higher power but has not yet accepted Christ. Working with her is always an immense pleasure because she very earnestly and honestly searches for answers to many of the questions that she and her character has. Leigh is a joy to work with and to know, and we pray for her often.”

Q: Are there any plans for other films?

“‘Tribulation Force’ is being worked on (preplanning stages right now) and therefore it will be filmed at some point. Unfortunately that’s as much as I can say. To do things properly, things take time.”

Q: What has been the most challenging movie so far?

“Very difficult question to answer. Each movie has had its own unique challenges. “Revelation” was our first major feature so there was a big learning curve involved. “Tribulation” had some very big name actors in it as well as some difficult stunts and effects to pull off. “Left Behind” had to live-up to the book’s reputation (difficult to say the least). And “Judgment” had to rely solely on the power of the acting and the strength of the story to keep the pace and people’s interest. Sorry I can’t give you a definite answer.”

Q: Why were the clothes neatly folded after the rapture in “Apocalypse?”

“If I had a dime for every time that question has been asked… and it’s a VERY good question. Here’s the reasoning: God is supposed to return ‘in the twinkling of an eye’ like ‘lighting across the sky.’ That’s very quick for us, but for God, who’s all powerful, we didn’t see him having to rush at all. Therefore, we wanted to allude back to Easter when Christ arose from the dead, (his clothes were found in the tomb empty and NEATLY FOLDED) which would mean that God moves in a different time frame than the rest of us. Not only did people disappear ‘in a moment’ but God actually had time to rearrange the clothes that were left behind. We thought it would add to the mystery and wonder of it all.”

Q: Which film is your personal favorite?

“My first impulse is to say “Judgment.” I believe the story holds together better than the rest; I believe the characters are more developed and more passionately portrayed; I believe it has more twists and surprises to it; and I like getting to the heart of the matter: what is the TRUTH.”

The entire interview can be seen on the message board in Judgment’s Official Site

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