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Oscar-winning actress, Jane Fonda has recently made headlines when she became a born-again Christian. This change in her life has caused trouble in her 10 year marriage to CNN mogul Ted Turner who was once name ‘Humanist of the Year’ and has mocked and laughed at Christianity by saying that “Christianity was for Losers.” What started as a separation has just recently ended in divorce. In a statement, Turner said, “We will always remain close friends and I wish Jane all the very best.” “I feel sadness,” said Fonda in a statement. “We shared 10 years together and I will always care for him. Now it’s time to move on and I wish him well.”

The couple wed in December 1991, and it was the third marriage for each. They quickly became Atlanta’s royal couple, and then separated last year. Turner has been quoted saying that Fonda’s decision to become a Christian was a major reason for the break-up.

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