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The International Christian Visual Media Association announces the submission deadline of April 1, 2017 for its coveted ICVM Crown Awards to be presented at the annual Conference.

A company or producer must be a current member of ICVM in order to submit an entry. Submission forms, a list of categories and complete submission instructions are on the website at

Entries must be received by ICVM no later than April 1, 2017, accompanied by a $75 submission fee.

The International Christian Visual Media Crown Awards are designed to recognize excellence in production and content of films and media that reflect Christian values in a secular world.

Categories include Feature Films, Short Films, Youth & Children Films, Documentaries, International Films, Music Videos, Short Clips, TV Formats and Series. Producers around the world, working in visual media in any way, are encouraged to join ICVM and submit their films.

ICVM is pleased to announce prize money in the following categories: $2500 for the Gold Crown Award winner for Best Picture, courtesy of Christian Video Licensing International and $500 for the Gold Crown Award winner for Best Evangelistic Film, courtesy of the Ron Mix Memorial Fund.

The coveted ICVM Crown Award signifies excellence in all areas of production. Past winners of the Best Picture and Best Evangelistic Film Crown Awards have included such films as “Sabrina K” by Messenger Films, “War Room” by the Kendrick Brothers, “Beyond The Mask” by Burns Family Studios, “Providence” by Mainstreet Productions, “Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus” by Mahoney Media, “Trade of Innocents” by Dean River Productions, “Like Dandelion Dust” by, “Acts of God” by City on a Hill Productions, and other films.

The mission of International Christian Visual Media Association is to be a supportive Christian community for those involved in the production and distribution of visual media, encouraging and networking to communicate Christ to the world, with members from over 20 nations representing all forms of visual media backgrounds.

The 2017 ICVM Annual Conference is June 25-28, 2017 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Its theme: Arise, Shine, for Your Light Has Come. This Bible verse, Isaiah 60:1, illustrates ICVM’s commitment to encourage, inspire and learn from one another in community and worship. The Conference is a time of Christian fellowship, outlandish fun and professional networking, culminating in the ICVM Crown Award Celebration, honoring the excellent work of our colleagues.

Is Genesis History? poster

A positive case for why the Bible’s view of history in Genesis provides solid evidence to answer life’s biggest questions.

See April 8, 2017 results update below

In the enlightening new documentary, IS GENESIS HISTORY?, Dr. Del Tackett takes audiences on a remarkable journey to explore evidence that supports historic claims of the Book of Genesis with renowned scientists and Bible scholars.

IS GENESIS HISTORY? comes to movie theaters nationwide for a one-night event, Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017, from Compass Cinema and Fathom Events. Following the film, there will be a moderated on-screen discussion with Tackett and a panel of scientists and theologians regarding Genesis’ impact on Christians today. After the theater showings, the film will be available on DVD, VOD, and for church licensing on April 11, 2017.

Dr. Del Tackett is former president of the Focus on the Family Institute and a former senior vice president of Focus on the Family. He created Focus on the Family’s The Truth Project—a nationwide project to bring the Christian worldview to the body of Christ. Tackett addresses worldview and cultural issues through writing, speaking, film and TV.

IS GENESIS HISTORY? was produced by Compass Cinema and produced and directed by Thomas Purifoy, Jr.

“This film started from a conversation with my 10-year-old daughter about science, history and the Bible,” Purifoy said. “She wanted to know how the things in the world are explained by what she reads in the Bible. Her questions led me down a lot of different paths where I heard and saw some amazing things. I tried to put as many of them as I could into the documentary.”

Tackett said,

“Millions of people have sincere questions about the origins of the earth and humanity. And there are contrasting views of our history, one of which is in the book of Genesis. The question is, which view is accurate? IS GENESIS HISTORY? makes a positive case that the Bible is historically reliable.”

Traveling the world, Tackett teams with experts in geology, biology, astronomy, archaeology, the Bible and more. Together they seek answers to longstanding questions surrounding the book of Genesis:

  • Was the universe created in six literal days?
  • Did humans evolve?
  • Were Adam and Eve real?
  • Was there a global flood?
  • What happened to the dinosaurs?

Dr. Del Tackett, host of the film, explains:

“People don’t need to feel unscientific in believing God’s Word as it is written. We wanted the film to show that there are smart, professional, respected scientists who are working in the field who have seen the evidence firsthand and believe that the evidence supports the historical narrative of Genesis.”

Thomas Purify, Jr. is a filmmaker and an educator. He has produced, written and directed numerous projects through his production company, Compass Cinema. In 2010, he started Compass Classroom to sell the company’s educational products to churches and families around the world.


This documentary used an unconventional theatrical release, launching the film as a one-night only theatrical event. Reportedly, over 143,000 people purchased tickets for the premiere event, making IS GENESIS HISTORY? the highest grossing and #1 per-screen average film in the country on February 23, 2017 (source: This outpouring of support caused two additional evenings of encore screenings that ultimately earned the film $2.7-million in just three evenings.

Producer Thomas Purifoy Jr. said,

“We knew people were innately interested in the events recorded in Genesis, so we were confident in the subject matter. What we were surprised by was how many theaters sold out, added screens, then sold out again. Documentaries aren’t supposed to do well in theaters. IS GENESIS HISTORY? is a film that is continually breaking the mold.”

Review page

Official Web site:

Christian Worldview Film FestivalThe Fatherhood CoMission and the Christian Worldview Film Festival have partnered to hold the second annual HONOR YOUR FATHER short film contest. The two groups urge filmmakers to use inspiration, humor, or drama in short film to promote a Biblical perspective of fatherhood, sharable on social media and appropriate to play in churches leading up to Father’s Day.

Filmmakers of all ages and backgrounds are invited to create a short film or submit an existing short film that meets the contest criteria to

The Fatherhood CoMission has teamed up with The Christian Worldview Film Festival (CWVFF) to host this short film competition. Stephen Kendrick, Fatherhood CoMission Board Member/Film Producer says,

“Imagine the national and global impact if every fathering/family organization, church, pastor were preaching the same message this Father’s Day—‘Honor Your Father’—a simple, scriptural and relevant way to help Dads and those they impact.”

Submissions must be received by Monday, January 30, 2017. Finalists will be showcased at the 2017 Christian Worldview Film Festival in San Antonio, March 16-18, 2017 and the winners revealed at the awards ceremony on Saturday, March 18, 2017. Finalists and winners will also be showcased in the 2017 Fatherhood CoMission’s HONOR YOUR FATHER campaign.

​The goal of this competition is to create a compelling short film that champions fatherhood. For years TV, movies, and other media have portrayed fathers as feckless targets of ridicule, devaluing the role fathers play, stripping them of honor. We will recognize and reward talented filmmakers whose work can reverse that trend.

  • Film submissions should be one-three minutes in length, and should be submitted via digital download by January 30, 2017. Filmmakers can visit​ for submission guidelines and to register films online.
  • Submission fee is $25/film
  • The LATE film submission deadline is February 6, 2017 with a fee of $50/film.
  • $10,000 in prize money will be awarded. First Place will receive $5000, Second Place will receive $2500, Third Place will receive $1500, Fourth Place will receive $1000.
  • At least 10 finalists will have their short films showcased at the 2017 Christian Worldview Film Festival and be used in the annual “Honor Your Father” campaign, which is organized by the Fatherhood CoMission.
  • 2016 finalists and winners can be viewed at
  • Awards for this contest will be presented during the CWVFF awards ceremony on March 18th, 2017.

For information on the Fatherhood CoMission Honor Your Father campaign visit

About The Christian Worldview Film Festival and Filmmakers Guild

CWVFF provides an annual event to showcase Christian films and provide training for filmmakers through the Filmmakers Guild. CWVFF is an outreach of Media Talk 101, a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching media discernment in the light of following Christ. ​

About The Fatherhood CoMission

F.C.M is a group of ministry and business leaders working together to champion fatherhood both inside and outside the Church through clear, compelling evidence of God’s design for dads as noble difference makers in their families and the world.

F.C.M. serves, networks, and inspires others by providing resources, events, and a relationship building platform for other fathering organizations. ​


PureFlix, a leader in the faith and family streaming video space, is partnering with ClearPlay Inc. of Salt Lake City, Utah. To provide consumers original content, movies, TV shows and more completely free from any offensive language.

ClearPlay’s innovative playback filtering technology is designed to work with the existing library of more than 5,000 titles. It also opens the door for the addition of new content, which previously may have been rejected due to concerns about inappropriate language. ClearPlay is a service that makes movies family-friendly. The service works by filtering language and scenes while a movie is playing, all based on the family’s own personal settings.

Now, by simply enabling the filtering technology from an on-screen menu, all offensive language is seamlessly muted during playback.

While is available on several streaming devices, the filtering technology is currently designed to work only on ROKU and most computer browsers. It will be available to subscribers in Spring 2017. PureFlix’s CEO Greg Gudorf reports,

“Working with ClearPlay enables us to further fulfill our promise of no language, sex or violence surprises with our faith and family-focused content. A portion of our customer base—who have very strict personal guidelines on what they deem appropriate—has spoken and we’ve listened.”

While the clear majority of’s content is completely free from what most consider offensive language, some conservative Christian families have a zero-tolerance policy for certain imagery and/or words.

For example, in the wholesome “Heartland” series, the word “hell” is uttered during an occasional episode. With ClearPlay’s technology enabled, this and all language considered offensive is muted without interrupting the program being viewed.

Matt JarmanMatt Jarman, CEO and co-founder of ClearPlay, says,

“This is a tremendous win-win situation for the consumer. Parents can now fine-tune their family’s viewing experience for even more wholesomeness in their entertainment and both companies get to fulfill their goals of providing families with positive entertainment.”

According to competitor Neal Harmon, the CEO of VidAngel, “PureFlix users will be able to filter content only on Roku players and desktop computers.”

Facing Darkness documentary poster

True story of race against time to save American medical missionaries stricken with Ebola comes to theaters, one night only, March 30, 2017

“Facing Darkness—a documentary from Samaritan’s Purse and Executive Producer Franklin Graham—claimed the Best Feature Documentary Premiere Award at the 2016 Heartland Film Festival. FACING DARKNESS brings to life the true story of Brantly and Nancy Writebol, two American aid workers in West Africa stricken in 2014 with the deadly Ebola virus, and the race against time to get them home and save their lives. Franklin Graham, president and CEO of the international Christian relief organization Samaritan’s Purse reports,

“We are grateful for this award and give all of the glory to God for it. We made this movie because it is important to us to let the world know how the Lord worked through Samaritan’s Purse to save the lives of Kent and Nancy.”

Featuring interviews with those who fought the Ebola outbreak firsthand, FACING DARKNESS was filmed on location in Liberia and the U.S. where the events took place. It is a story of true heroes, risking their lives in an effort to stem one of the deadliest epidemics of the century. Ebola infected more than 28,000 people in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, and claimed more than 11,000 lives.

Brantly and Writebol were in ELWA Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia, fighting the surge of the killer virus when they caught the disease themselves. The team at Samaritan’s Purse worked around the clock toward the only hope for Brantly and Writebol. It was something that had never been done—evacuate the Ebola patients to the U.S. for treatment and cure.

FACING DARKNESS not only tells the story of saving Brantly and Writebol, it shows what happens when people choose compassion over fear in service to others.

FACING DARKNESS premieres in theaters nationwide in a one-night Fathom event, March 30, 2017. Besides the Heartland Film Festival award, the film also earned an Award of Excellence from the Accolade Global Film Competition.

Official site:

Greg Sorvig, the Heartland festival’s director of programming and marketing said,

“A powerful documentary, FACING DARKNESS is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of conviction and hope in the face of despair. Congratulations to the Samaritan’s Purse team on bringing Dr. Kent Brantly’s story to screen. Heartland Film Festival audiences have been inspired and transformed.”

The festival—celebrating its 25th year—drew 250 entrants and featured more than 130 independent films. Heartland’s mission is to…

“inspire filmmakers and audiences through the transformative power of film.” The festival selects films that “inspire and uplift, educate and inform, or have the ability to shift audiences’ perspectives on the world.”

Scene from The Case for Christ

an atheist reporter’s surprising road to faith comes to life on film

In 1980, Lee Strobel’s award-winning investigative reporting earned him a promotion to legal editor at the Chicago Tribune. Things at home weren’t going nearly as well. His wife Leslie’s newfound faith in Christ compels Lee to utilize his journalistic and legal training to disprove the claims of Christianity—pitting his resolute atheism against her growing faith. Based on Strobel’s bestselling book of the same name, THE CASE FOR CHRIST is a dramatic and heartfelt telling of their compelling journey. Coming to theaters in 2017, this moving story is said to be for everyone who has ever pondered the existence of God… and what role He could play in their lives.

Lee StrobelAuthor Lee Strobel reports,

“The book The Case for Christ lays out the overwhelming foundation of evidence from which personal faith can rise. The film gives the dramatic story behind the story of a man with personal animosity for Christianity who used journalistic and legal techniques to evaluate its claims. THE CASE FOR CHRIST takes audiences on an exciting journey from skepticism to belief.”

The dramatic feature film draws on the true story of Lee and Leslie Strobel, whose marriage struggled mightily as her growing faith collided with his determined atheism. The dramatic retelling of their journey offers heart and a human touch on the in-depth research Lee Strobel conducted. THE CASE FOR CHRIST is a moving story that will inspire everyone who sees it: believers, those who are searching for answers, and even those who are where Lee Strobel once was.

From Pure Flix and production company Triple Horse Studios, THE CASE FOR CHRIST stars Mike Vogel (“The Help”), Erika Christensen (“Parenthood”), Academy Award® winner Faye Dunaway (“Bonnie and Clyde,” “Chinatown”), Academy Award® nominee Robert Forster (“Jackie Brown”), L. Scott Caldwell (“Lost”) and Frankie Faison (“The Wire”).

Triple Horse (Covington, GA) previously “Vanished: Left Behind – Next Generation” (2016), “Laughing at the Moon” (2016), “Sweet Sweet Summertime” (2017), “Stand Your Ground” (2013), “Max Lucado 3:16: Stories of Hope” (2015), and “One Generation Away” (2015).

Book cover: The Case for Christ

Jonathan M. Gunn (“Do You Believe?”) directs THE CASE FOR CHRIST, written by Brian Bird, (“When Calls the Heart,” “Touched by an Angel”) and based on Strobel’s book, published by Zondervan, part of HarperCollins Christian Publishing.

In 1980, after he won prestigious awards for investigative journalism, Lee Strobel (Mike Vogel) was promoted to legal affairs editor for the Chicago Tribune. When his wife, Leslie (Erika Christensen) became a Christian, Lee utilized his journalistic and legal training to disprove the claims of Christianity. Working as an investigative reporter would, Strobel interviewed leading scholars on Evangelicalism and Christianity, offering them an opportunity to defend their views. Contrary to his intent, Strobel’s investigative efforts convinced him of Christianity’s reliability. The book became a worldwide best-seller and launched Strobel in a new direction—defending Christianity himself.

THE CASE FOR CHRIST will be distributed by Pure Flix and is produced by Michael Scott, David A. R. White, Karl Horstmann and Brittany Lefebvre, and is set to release theatrically in the Spring of 2017.

Official site and trailer:

Jesus Christ: His Identity, Life, Death andResurrection
About JESUS CHRIST—Answers to frequently-asked-questions


The Second Coming of Christ (2017) film

Flawless Production Inc. (Tarzana, California) has released the first trailer for their upcoming action drama “The Second Coming of Christ.” The main protagonist is a female atheist scientist experiencing end events leading up to Christ’s return. Experienced cast members include Golden Globe nominee Tom Sizemore (“Saving Private Ryan”), Oscar® nominee Sally Kirkland (“JFK,” “Bruce Almighty”), Jason London (“Dazed and Confused”), Diana Angelson (“The Impaler,” “Armenia, My Love”), Quinton Aaron (“The Blind Side”), Natalie Burn (“Expendables 3”), Al Sapienza (“Sopranos,” “House of Cards”) and Meredith Salinger (“The Journey”). The poster pictured here includes the words “For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ shall all be made aliveCorinthians 15:22.” The film’s length is 1 hour and 32 minutes, and it is currently scheduled for release March 17, 2017, but a distributor has not yet been named.

Director/Writer Daniel Anghelcev reports,

The Second Coming of Christ revisits the fascinating and controversial decades-long debate about religion versus science; but with a timely, relevant and cautionary tale that incorporates the potential dangers of genetically modifying foods. There are multiple layers to this film that people can relate to with many surprises along the way.”

Co-writer and lead actress Diana Angelson stars as Dr. Beatrix Cera, a famous entomologist hired by New World Genetics Corporation, the leader in genetically engineered foods, to research the causes and effects of dying crops. Her findings indicate that after years of experimenting with food, nature has taken its toll and deadly mutations occurred within crops. The pollinators, mainly the honeybees, have spread these mutations to the entire plant kingdom, which means a slow, but total extinction.

Desperately trying to defy God by creating an “immortal gene” in bees, Beatrix finds herself in an urgent struggle between evil and good.

Another character in the film is Dr. John Zachary (Jason London), a former billionaire and Nobel Prize recipient for curing cancer, who has dedicated his life to help others by restoring their faith. It is his belief that “only through loving one another, people can have God forgive them and save the Earth, together.” He and Beatrix join to “fight for her dying daughter’s life… and all of mankind.”

We are not currently familiar with this producer or what their Christian background may be. This is Flawless Production’s 3rd feature film. Previous productions are “Armenia, My Love” (2016) and the horror movie “Dracula The Impaler” (2013). In development are a World War 2 drama and the biography of a Romanian priest.

The film’s first trailer can be viewed at Vimeo—

Official site:

Voiceless poster

After initially denying Church on the Hill and Movie to Movement’s request to preview the groundbreaking new film “Voiceless” in front of the U.S. Supreme Court on October 2, 2016, Court officials granted permission.

After two weeks of communications and meetings with Court officials, in which the screening request was denied three separate times, and less than 48 hours away from filing a lawsuit to assert Church on the Hill and Rev. Patrick Mahoney’s First Amendment rights, the Court reversed course and settled on a plan to screen “Voiceless” in front of the Court.

According to organizers, this is the first time the Supreme Court has ever permitted a film to be shown in front of the Court. This is not only a historic victory for free speech and the First Amendment, but also a powerful opportunity to give a voice to the millions of innocent children who have no voice of their own.

The award-winning film “Voiceless” introduces viewers to a discharged soldier who discovers an abortion clinic operating across the street from his Philadelphia church. He struggles to motivate his church to get involved in protecting unborn babies, and eventually must decide whether to risk it all to fight for what is right.

Filmmakers say that “Voiceless” is the first pro-life film that powerfully addresses the reasons why most people don’t engage the injustice of abortion. This film is brilliantly designed to inspire and motivate the church to action.

Rev. Patrick Mahoney, Pastor of the Washington, D.C. based Church on the Hill and Director of the Christian Defense Coalition states,

“We celebrate this historic victory for the First Amendment and free speech by showing the film “Voiceless” on the most hallowed public space in America. That is, the public sidewalk in front of the United States Supreme Court. As we had to fight to have this powerful film shown, we will continue to be a loud and prophetic voice for human rights and justice working to end the violence of abortion. We will continue to be a “voice” for the “voiceless” until abortion ends up on the scrapheap of history like slavery and segregation.”

“Voiceless” Executive Producer Jason Jones said,

“I served as executive producer on Voiceless and founded Movie to Movement to use art to overturn laws that deny legal protection to the child in the womb. We are making a statement at the Supreme Court that the child in the womb demands full legal protection from the violence of abortion, and even if the Court refuses to recognize the inalienable rights of the human person, we will continue to proclaim them through the power and beauty of film.”

Constitutional attorney Catherine Glenn Foster said,

“This is an unprecedented victory for the First Amendment, and we are delighted that the Supreme Court is partnering with us in affirming the constitutional rights of all Americans. On October 2, we will be screening the powerful pro-life film “Voiceless” in front of the Supreme Court, the first film ever permitted to be shown there. We are using this historic opportunity to give a voice to the more than one million children tragically aborted every year in America alone, and invigorate the church to speak out against the violence of abortion. The First Amendment guarantees that every American can use his or her voice to advocate for life, and this film reveals the need for each one of us to honor our duty to speak out for the least of these, our fellow man.”

“Voiceless” will be shown on Sunday, October 2, at 6:30 P.M. on the eve of the Supreme Court’s 2016 Term and in the midst of a heated presidential race, with both candidates making the Supreme Court a central issue in their campaigns.

There will be also be a candlelight prayer vigil as part of the October 2 film presentation.

“Voiceless” opens in theaters nationwide on October 7, 2016.

Torchbearer poster

Citizens United has announced the upcoming release of their thought-provoking documentary starring “The Duck Commander” Phil Robertson in a passion project coming to select theaters on October 7th, 2016.

Phil makes a compelling argument on the absurdity of life without God. Featuring real-life footage from events throughout history and leading up to the modern day crisis of radical Islamic terrorism, Phil personally guides viewer through a journey that includes Athens, Greece; Rome, Italy, Paris, France; and even the notorious Nazi death camp of World War II, Auschwitz. With a biblical perspective, Phil covers events ranging from the creation of the atomic bomb, the impact of the Holocaust and the Civil Rights Movement. He uses these events to illustrate that God is the only meaningful anchor to a civilized society and calls on all of us to consider our faith.

In the mid-’70s, Phil turned his life over to the Lord and made dramatic changes. Phil Robertson is not only known as The Duck Commander, but also he has built a reputation across the country for his faith and belief in the Almighty. Every year, he is invited to speak to hundreds of churches and organizations, telling them what the Lord has done for him and what the Lord can do for them.

“Torchbearer” is directed and co-written by Stephen K. Bannon. Bannon is an award-winning filmmaker with previous titles including “Generation Zero,” “The Undefeated,” “Occupy Unmasked” and “The Hope & The Change”.

Mr. Bannon is a former Naval Officer who is the Executive Chairman of Breitbart News. He is on a temporary leave of absence as he is currently the CEO of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

The film was produced by David N. Bossie who has served as president of Citizens United since 2001. Bossie has produced more than two dozen documentaries. Recent productions include: “Rocky Mountain Heist” hosted by Michelle Malkin, “Occupy Unmasked” featuring the late conservative icon Andrew Breitbart, “Our Sacred Honor” with Senator Rick Santorum, “The Gift of Life” with Governor Mike Huckabee, and the award winning films “Nine Days That Changed The World” and “Ronald Reagan: Rendezvous with Destiny” hosted by Callista and Newt Gingrich. Bossie is currently on a temporary leave of absence from Citizens United, as he is currently the Deputy Campaign Manager of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

“Torchbearer” is based on a story by Zach Dasher.

The film will also have a day and date release on various digital and VOD platforms including Comcast, Dish, iTunes, Vudu, Amazon and more.

More information is available at

About Citizens United

Citizens United is a leading producer of conservative documentary films. Citizens United was founded in 1988 as a public policy advocacy organization that promotes traditional American values including limited government, free enterprise, belief in God, strong families and national security and sovereignty. For more information about Citizens United visit the organization’s Web site at

Decisions film 2016

“Decisions” film available as a free evangelism tool for churches, individuals and organizations

Over the last 12 years, millions around the world have heard the Gospel through My Hope, a ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. My Hope is set to launch an all-new 30-minute program entitled “Decisions” which will be accessible—free of charge—anywhere via television broadcast, Internet streaming and DVD.

“Decisions” features a Gospel message from Franklin Graham, president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and looks at the lives of people of different ages and backgrounds who have heard the Gospel through Graham’s 2016 Decision America Tour and made life-changing decisions to follow Christ.

“I’ve been talking to people about the importance of decisions. I see thousands of people faced with a choice… and I want [them] to know the truth,” said Franklin Graham. “Any time you have a crowd of people, I can guarantee there will be somebody in that crowd that doesn’t know Jesus Christ. So, every time I’m at the microphone I’m going to give the Gospel.”

Through the Decision America Tour, Franklin Graham is holding prayer rallies in each state capital encouraging Christians to vote, to live out their faith in every part of their lives, and to pray for our nation. As the tour travels to all 50 states in 2016, Graham is presenting the simple truth of the Gospel—the hope found through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

“Decisions,” the 2016 installment of the evangelistic films available from My Hope, follows in succession of previous films: “Value of a Soul” (2015); “Heaven” (2014); and “The Cross” (2013). Beginning September 1, 2016, churches and individuals will be able to download the full program or view it at that time at A free DVD version of “Decisions,” including “A Time for Decision: Pray, Vote, Engage,” a special 30-minute program that goes behind the scenes of the Decision America Tour, will also be available. Pre-orders are now being taken with shipment expected in early fall.

“Decisions” will also be shown as the Billy Graham television special airing on local and Christian networks beginning October 10, 2016. Check local listings for airings in your area.

“We are very happy to offer this resource to the church which will powerfully present the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” said Steve Rhoads, vice president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, who is responsible for My Hope globally. “The church in the United States has a unique opportunity at this moment to proclaim Jesus, who offers hope and redemption to a lost world. We pray that the good news will be preached and that God will bring a revival to His people.”

For more information on My Hope, including tips on how the available free resources can be used, visit You can participate by pre-ordering your free copy of “Decisions” and beginning to pray and prepare for an event in your community.

About My Hope

Beginning in 2002, My Hope has been implemented in 60 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East. More than 305,000 churches and 4 million individuals have participated, and more than 10 million salvation and rededication decisions for Jesus Christ have been reported. My Hope was first implemented in United States in 2013, and has since reported more than 200,000 decisions for Christ.

This year, My Hope field representatives across the nation have been meeting and encouraging local pastors in their efforts to reach people with the Gospel. In addition to last year’s film titled “Value of a Soul,” churches continue to use other films like “Heaven,” “Defining Moments,” and “The Cross,” which collectively have seen nearly 2.25 million views on YouTube and more than 1 million copies distributed on DVD.

Meanwhile, a new film called “The Worth of a Soul” will release this fall in the UK in conjunction with My Hope UK.